Cream Ale
Posted under Beer on Tuesday, March 11, 2014 @ 11:00:52 PM
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Today's brew was a Brewer's Best Cream Ale extract kit.

Starting off, here's the kit:

Sterilizing everything:

Gear, ingredients and instructions laid out:

Measuring water for the boil:

Boiling water (my new propane burner works GREAT):

My helper decided to pay me a visit:

Boiling wort after the first hop addition:

End of the boil:

I can never quite tell what the damn hydrometer says (I need glasses).  It looks to me like 1.048 or 1.049.  Target OG is 1.049-1.053.

Into the primary:

I love blog articles with lots of pictures.  They're quick and easy!

Update 3/12 @ 7 PM - the airlock is going like a sonovabitch now!

Update 3/28 - kegged and chilled yesterday, ABV came in right around 5.4% which is just right.  Force carbed today and just had my first glass.  Very impressed with this kit thus far.  I was a bit worried it would be too much like American macro lagers but it's definitely not.  It's got a great flavor and seems like a good session beer, which is just what I was hoping for.  I think I'll be doing this kit again.